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July 17, 2012 at 3:17pm


Feeling as if I am jacked up on strong black coffee. Alas, I have had no coffee today, not the slightest bit of caffeine. This feeling of buzzing like a bumblebee can only stem from the excitement, the fear, and probably adrenaline of knowing that things are going to change in a big way tomorrow. Moving back to a familiar school, even a familiar apartment building, but my role will be drastically different. I’d be lying if I said that being in charge of a program with 30+ employees isn’t terrifying. Add to that taking graduate classes and  it has me feeling a bit nervous. However, I think it will be good for me. Hopefully it will point me in the direction I need to be going and teach many good/important life lessons. I know I will meet many amazing people and have incredible experiences. However that doesn’t stop me from worrying. Normalcy and routine would be nice, a good way to calm these nerves, yet I have about a month of meetings, presentations, and preparation before there will be even a hint of “normalcy”. 

My plan was to write a post about how I have procrastinated packing my life up until the day before moving day but instead, ^ that happened. Oh well. I HATE PACKING. Teleportation would be nice. Or a professional packer. Or even a sense of knowing what the next month (not to mention the next two years) actually has in store for me. AHH.


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